Here it is the first of November already. We have entered that time of year here in Alaska when the sun slips so low that the days are beginning to feel impossibly short. It’s a struggle to get your daily dose of sun generated vitamin D, not mention the motivation to get outside and exercise. This particular change of seasons is hard on me every year, and often makes me question why I choose to live in Alaska. There is so much beauty here in these boreal hills, from our now frozen creek bottom to the top of our hills covered with giant spruces and needless spruces. On the other hand, it is a constant source of work to keep the woodstove going, the batteries that run our electricity full, water bottles full, etc. I am certainly a SAD sufferer and each year I vow to attend to it, to be respectful of the fact that my body is sensitive to these seasonal shifts. The reality is that I often fall back on my hibernation tactics, burrow done into my books and preparing comfort food for myself and my friends. This week that was french onion cider soup, matzo ball soup, buttery english muffins, bars full of oats and cranberries, and for some strange reason ice cream.